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The Langford Gallery Loves Putov


Many art experts are of the view that Putov was a Master expressionist painter and as such, deserves more international recognition than he has yet garnered.  We couldn't agree more.  

Alexandre Sacha Putov (1940-2008) was born near Rostov in the Soviet Union, became an Israeli citizen and spent the most productive years of his artistic career in Paris, France.  Although his work varied greatly over his 30-year career he is generally recognized as an expressionist painter.  Some of his work is figurative but many works are highly abstracted and impressionist representations of his subjects.

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Mar 19, 2017

Contemporary Indigenous Art in the 21st Century featuring the work of Barry Ace

Sitting Bull by Barry Ace

There are contemporary indigenous artists in Canada who have been creating some of the most exciting and important works of art to come out of Canada since the year 2000.  Many of this new cache of leading artists have appropriated Western art theory, concepts and techniques while incorporating their traditional spiritual and cultural values.  Their art makes statements on a vast array of political, historical and social issues.  Read more....


Sep 06, 2016

The Who’s Who of Heritage Inuit Art …it’s not all in the name.

Read on for a crash course on who the market considers to be our premier Canadian Heritage or Vintage Inuit Artists....

John Tiktak

The market value of heritage Inuit art varies greatly.  The price of works by the same artist alone may vary by up to 50 times depending on various factors (merits of work of art, size, subject, materials, age, the popularity of the artist, etc.)....

Apr 14, 2016