Langford Gallery Launch: Worldly Works of Art. Rediscovered.

Beauty feeds the Soul.

Not everyone, but there are some people … that just love art.   

For some, art just has decorative purposes. But others need art in their daily lives because their art returns their love in many ways.  Beauty feeds the soul is something I believe in, have for years and now I can finally share that with you. Beautiful colours in an abstract calm or arouse. Expressive faces evoke emotions. Landscapes trigger memories. Images and symbols raise spirituality. History and theory enlighten. Talent and imagination inspires. Art gives lots of love, not to everyone, but there are some. 

These worldly works of art were collected from six continents, over two decades of my own vast travels for the government, internationally and consulting with Aboriginal peoples across Canada.   

The Collection takes a worldly diversified view when it comes to genres and mediums. They are just different expressions of human creativity by different cultures, from great abstract oil paintings to Quebecois woodcarving. All very distinctive in their own right, all representing the storytelling aspect of art I thrive on and respect so much. 

A Portal to Rediscover and Reconnect  

Because of my background on biodiversity issues, nature is a common theme of many of the works of art in the gallery.  Arctic tundra and Quebec pine forests are embodied in Inuit and Quebecois sculptures. The collection includes landscapes of lakes and forests; stone carvings depicting sea mammals and birds; and Quebecois wood sculptures depicting bears, beavers, moose and birds, all symbolic in their own ways. These works provide a portal to rediscover and reconnect to nature in an urban environment. 

Many of the worldly works of art are expressions of past times and occupations.  Inuit stone sculptures depicting seal hunting, Quebecois woodcarvings that provide insights into the life of farmers, sailors and lumberjacks more than a century ago. The art allows for the rediscovery of time and heritage. 

In this collection you will find quality works that were discovered in many ways. Some of the art was discovered at auction and high-end city art galleries, and other works of art were obtained directly from the artist themselves often on the streets of a foreign country.  The Langford Gallery provides the opportunity to rediscover these unique works of art. 

The Importance of Authenticity 

These works are all authentic.  No unlimited prints or Chinese knock-offs.   Most are original works of art although some are limited edition, numbered artist prints.  Many works are from the hands and imagination of a master sculptor or expert painter. Often the works will express a specific innovative or aesthetic feature (e.g. a unique perspective) to be appreciated and to learn from. In this collection the quality of the art piece rather than the signature on the piece is most important. In my opinion, it is just that the most innovative and technically skilled artists tend to create the best works of art.  

Great works of art from the past should always be cherished. Not to be discarded nor recycled, but rediscovered, passed on and shared and through this process of rediscovery, art lovers can bring new joy and love into their own lives.   

The goal of the Langford Gallery is to provide a learning experience through a diverse range of genres and styles of authentic art in a museum-like online gallery setting.    

Lastly, starting today and over the coming months, our goal is to create an environment for dialogue on all art topics of interest to all collectors. With a specific focus on Inuit sculptures and Quebecois folk art, this will be a place where we can connect with individuals to hear their stories, their passions, discuss their art, or see their photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages, of their travels and to hear about their thoughts and love  … for art. 

Beauty feeds the Soul! It does with me and I’d love to know how it does with you as well. 

Welcome to the Langford Gallery and our Worldly Works of Art. Rediscovered. 

All the best, 

Jock Langford
Langford Gallery 

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