Great Hunter inuit carving

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This is a statement piece.  This large sculpture celebrates a great hunter who has returned with a seal. It is unique with respect to the horizontal lines on the parka and leggings. The arm holding the seal is much larger and longer than the other arm.   This arm also contorts unnaturally into a muli-jointed and rounded shape.  Grey Arctic stone. Black rectangular stone base with pins (added later) make this sculpture stable for desks or tables.  Wonderful perspectives from front and back.  Primitively carved face.  Rope (leather/sinew) from hand to seal is missing.  Left foot repaired.  Est. 1950s

Suspect artist is Niviaksiak (1908-1959) - a renowned sculptor from Cape Dorset and one of the first Inuk to make prints.  Some of his extraordinary prints have sold for $65K.  Niviaksiak died while hunting a polar bear thus ending the promising career of one of the earliest and most talented Inuit artists.  In a Time Magazine report on his death, the Inuit explained his death and the failure of the polar bear to maul his body as evidence that 'Niviaksiak's art had probed too near; had offended the spirit of the great polar bear."  See Scott Polar Research Institute for comparative sculptures by Niviaksiak.  

Unsigned - no discernible syllabics

Dimensions:  With base 13.5"/34cm x  9"/23cm x  6"/15cm

Weight with base: 23 lbs