Fat Sea Lion Inuit Carving Face

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This big sea lion is posing naturally.  Sea lion scultures are much less common than sculptures of seals. This is a large sculpture (12” long and 8 lbs.). The sculpture is mostly symmetrical except for the head turned to the left and the positioning of the back flippers.  The face, especially the snout, (etched hairs) and mouth are very detailed.  The front flippers are carved to illustrate their function relative to seals.  This sea lion has two sets of rippled skin – on the neck and body.  The Arctic grey stone has some interesting veining.  Base is mostly covered by red felt (somewhat common during period around 1970.  Some scratches, consistent with age. Markings include “Aitms” but the sculptor is unknown to us.  Est. 1970.

Artist: unknown (Aitms)

Dimensions: 5"/12.5cm x 11.75"/29.5cm x 5"/12.5cm