Shaman Sasquatch carving

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This is a Canadian heritage carving.

The Inuit would have heard frightening stories about Sasquatch from First Nations contact, in this case over 600 years ago. We believe that this piece is carved from woolly mammoth bone.  Stories suggest that the female sasquatch was somehow paralysed on one side of the body.  This explains why one side of this figure is carved in detail while the other side is atrophied. Anatomically it is a female sasquatch.  The face and hair are carved in the most detail.  This sculpture is visibly worn where a strap was once wrapped around it.  It also has an indentation where a thumb has repeatedly rubbed the sculpture.  Est 1400's.

Artist: Unknown

Canadian museum inquiries only please.  All offers will be considered.

Dimensions:  4.25"/11cm x 2.24"/5.5cm x 1.25"/3cm

Weight: < 0.5 lbs