Inuit Kayak with Hunting tools

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This beautiful, large kayak – 32 inches in length - is approximately 50 to 75 years old.  The kayak comes with original hunting tools made of wood, ivory and metal.  The style of stitching is an indicator of its age; note the raised stitching along the length of the kayak.  The shape and location of the passenger entry point is distinct in different regions.  This style of kayak is from the Baffin region.  The hole is a distinct shape and is located closer to the stern of the hull.  The Inuit made small scale kayaks as models for teaching and later for sale to Europeans. Excellent condition.  No markings.  Sculptor unknown.  Est. 1950s to 1960s.

Only available for sale within Canada per CITES

Dimensions: 2.25"/5.5cm x 32"/82cm x 3.5"/9cm