Three faces painting by Putov

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 Artist: Alexandre Sacha Putov (1940-2008)

Alexander Sacha Putov was an architect by training. He studied under Michael Schwartzman, a renowned Russian painter.  Putov was not part of the state-sponsored art scene under the Soviet regime so everything Putov produced and left in the Soviet Union was destroyed after he moved to Israel in 1973.  Putov later moved to Paris in 1980 and became a member of the "Art Cloche" group. Alexandre Putov was first and foremost an expressionist painter, influenced greatly by Russian avant-garde and French Impressionists.  Some of his greatest influencers were Van Gogh, Chagall and Kandinsky. 

Putov’s best works were his portraits.  This is one of his brightest paintings.  The three figures would have been family or friends. 

Water colour and pen on paper, 1993.