Three Graces Sushi painting by Jacques Deshaies

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Jacques Deshaies (1947-) documented the rise of the biotech world in his DNA Series (1996-2005). At this time he evolved into monochromatic paintings.  The Three Graces on sushi is part of the Transgenic Feast, his last work in colour (Exhibited in Paris).  Some of the larger transgenic feast paintings were repainted in black.  This painting was one of only a handful from the original series to survive.   Deshaies continued the theme of the three graces in his monochromatic paintings in particular the Persephone series.  Acrylic on Paper.  Montreal,  2005. 

Image: 11.75"/29.5cm x 8.75"/22.5cm

Framed: 20"/50.5cm x 16.25"/41cm