Two Women with Child painting by Alexandre Putov

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Alexandre Putov (1940-2008) was a Russian expressionist painter who spent his last decades in Paris where he was associated with the Art Cloche group.  Putov’s influences included Van Gogh, Chagall and Kandinski.  We believe Putov’s figures are much stronger than his landscapes and cityscapes (some of which are muddy).   The subject of this painting is a mother with young child standing with another women.  The child is central to this work and represents Putov’s views on the relationship of this mother to her child.  In this rendering Putov uses black pen to trace outlines of his figures and faces on a abstracted background of pink.   Acrylic paint and pen on paper. Paris, 1985.

Image: 18'/46cm x 14.5"/36.5cm

Framed: 27.5"/70cm x 23.5"/59.5cm