Fiddler wood carving my M. Guay

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This is the best Marcel Guay sculpture we have seen.  It is hard not to love this happy fiddler. Marcel Guay studied under Andre Bourgault.  Guay is one of the best known and most admired of the St-Jean Port-Joli scultueurs en bois.  In 1964 he opened his own boutique.  He won first prize at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1978, 1979, 1987 and 1988.  One of his sculptures was the image for a Canada postage stamp in 1969.  He has taught students from across Canada since 1959.  

It is easy to see why Guay is master sculptor with this fiddler carving.  The face is very expressive.  The eyes are beautifully carved. He has illustrated details such as eye lids, pupils and wrinkles.   Guay even carved his teeth - rarely do any carvers carve teeth.  The detail on the clothes make this sculpture exceptional.  Delicate small buttons and buttonholes are carved into the jacket.  The shirt is adorned by an expertly carved bow tie.  This level of detail is rare.

Pine. One piece of wood except bow of fiddle. Standard Quebecois base. Signed M. Guay

Dimensions: 12"/30.5cm x 5"/13cm x 5"/13cm