Fisherman with boat wood carving

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Folk art sculptures of fishermen are not very common.  It is unusual for any wood sculpture to include secondary elements, like the bow of the dingy in this piece.  The base is carved as rocks into part of the scene which is also unusual. 

The sculptor focused his artistry on the beautifully sculpted face.  While the nose and mouth are finely carved and lifelike, the eyes are a very distinct style and can look abstracted from certain angles. The face is also characterized by a distinguished bearded chin and cheeks which create interesting highlights and shadows.

Pine (a soft wood). Light brown possibly finished.  Very stable base.  Sculpted from one piece of wood. Quebec or Atlantic Canada.  Sculpture is signed but illegible(see photos). Est. 1970-1980

Dimensions: 16"/40.5cm x 10.75"/27.5cm x 5.5"/14cm