Old lady bookend wood carving by Andre Bougault

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This is an expertly carved sculpture with a finely detailed face and clothing.  It is signed Andre Bourgault.  Andre was one of three master carving brothers – Andre, Medard and Jean-Julien- that founded the Bourgault family dynasty,  but we believe this sculpture is more recent than Andre's death in 1957.  It is likely that a next generation Bourgault family member named Andre created this work.  (Roger, Raymond and Julien are some of next generation master carvers from the family.)  But no matter which Bourgault family member actually carved this grandmother, it is an expertly sculpted and beautiful carving. 

Condition consistent with age. 

Artist: Andre Bourgault

Dimensions: 7"/18cm x 4"/10cm x 7.25"/18.5cm